Purchasing in Seoul



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Chinese New Year in less than a month’s time!

First trip of 2018, Lastwardrobe Singapore has confirmed on the upcoming purchasing trip to Seoul!
From 25 January to 3 February 2018! 
We will dress you well for visiting during this Chinese New Year!

There’s high demand in clothes shopping for this Festive Season.. hence Yes! We are going to bring in more. Accessories, Skincare, Cosmetics, Clothings, Electronics, Soft toys, etc. Get updated with the latest Korean trend, products and style.

Many of you asked..
Q: Why are there no updates of these items from Seoul on our Instagram?
A: We only limit these items to our customers who join our WhatsApp group chat.
Q: How to join our WhatsApp group?
A: You may text or message us, provide your full name and contact number.
Q: Do we purchase individual items requested by customers from Seoul?
A: Yes we do, we provide personal shopper service and will quote the prices to you accordingly.
Q: Do you include all nationalities? 
A: Yes, we do worldwide shipping which we will inform you.


We purchased anything and everything. Stand a chance to win Free gifts too.

Let this Chinese New Year be exciting from Seoul, we do the purchasing on your behalf! PM us now to be included in the group chat! Wait no more!!